Gardenia Blooms Aromatic Elixir Rollerball with Mini Seashells 0.16 fl oz (handmade in small batches, all natural + organic)


“Enchant Your Senses on the Go: Aromatherapy Redefined with Our Portable Aromatic Elixir Rollerballs.”

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Our Floral Aromatic Elixir Rollerballs are a fragrant journey through the lush beauty of Hawaii’s blooms. Available in three enchanting scents- Plumeria, Tuberose Flower, and Gardenia Blooms- each rollerball is adorned with miniature seashells, adding a touch of coastal charm to your fragrance routine. Experience the essence of paradise with every soothing, botanical-infused roll.

The aroma of Gardenia Blooms is a sensory masterpiece, capturing the essence of velvety white petals in full bloom. It’s a lush and intoxicating scent, with rich floral notes that are both sweet and deeply romantic. Close your eyes, and you’ll feel like you’re strolling through a garden filled with these exquisite blossoms, where every breath is a moment of pure floral bliss. 

Our naturally sourced fragrance oils are created using only the finest constituents of essential oils and other plant materials (such as CO2 extracts, essential oils, and natural + organic fragrance compounds) free from toxins, chemicals, and synthetics.

Directions.  When applying to your wrists gently tap together (don’t rub) to help the aroma to last longer.

About the Packaging.  Our .16 ounce aromatic elixir rollerballs come in a glass bottle which is completely recyclable.

Ingredients. Natural and organic fragrance compounds


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