Coco + Kaffir Diffuser Oil with Mini Seashells 0.35 fl oz (handmade in small batches, all natural + organic)


“Nature’s Essence, Captured in Every Scent: Elevate Your Atmosphere with Our Natural Botanical Diffuser Oils.”

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Our naturally sourced fragrance oils are crafted with care, using only the finest organic ingredients, making them the perfect choice for your at-home diffuser. Immerse yourself in nature’s purest scents, lovingly extracted to bring the outdoors into your living space. Elevate your sensory experience with these exquisite fragrances, each one a testament to the beauty of our planet.

The Aroma.  Nothing reminds you of a tropical getaway quite like the citrusy + zesty notes of Kaffir Lime infused with the exotic + creamy hints of Coconut to balance out our Coco + Kaffir aroma.

Our naturally sourced fragrance oils are created using only the finest constituents of essential oils and other plant materials (such as CO2 extracts, essential oils, and natural + organic fragrance compounds) free from toxins, chemicals, and synthetics.

Directions.  Add 2-4 drops to your diffuser and enjoy the intoxicating aroma!

About the Packaging.  Our .35 ounce diffuser oil comes in a glass bottle which is completely recyclable.

Ingredients.  Natural and organic fragrance compound


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